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2014 Sep 6

Two non-Apple Watches/Gadgets – one is the best of its kind… 0

The other one is still worth criticizing.


The Samsung Gear Fit is the one on the right – it takes your pulse, counts your steps, connects with your Samsung phone and does notifications and has a really nice screen and overall look and feel.   And it was only $129 on eBay.   But it ONLY works with the Samsung, and the strap doesn’t always stay on, and it’s nice to try out and show people, but it feels like it will be run off the road from Apple and other tech watch makers in the coming weeks and months.   But a very nice effort by Samsung, and you know they will never give up.

But the Garmin Forerunner 220 on the left is the real deal – it’s the most useful running watch that I’ve ever tried.    It looks great, fits great, and the battery lasts well over a week for me so far.   It connects via GPS for accurate measurements of how far you’re running, split times, average miles per hour, etc while you’re running.  Then it connects to your smart phone for more detail about your run after you run, like a map of where you ran, elevations, etc.   It’s not cheap at $249, but the price will likely come down, and it really works as great as it looks and feels.

I’ve been critical of a lot of the previous generation of these kinds of gadgets – but these are worth looking at, and it’s about to get a whole lot more interesting next week with Apple getting into the game.



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