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2014 Jul 21

Yahoo! to acquire Flurry 0

Exciting news just hit, First Round Community member Flurry is set to be acquired by Yahoo!

Flurry-logo yahoo-original

This is a great combination of an iconic Internet company where more than half their monthly audience visits on a mobile device, with one of the market leaders in mobile analytics and monetization.

We’ve been lucky enough to be involved since early 2008 (originally via Pinch Media), and  CEO Simon Khalaf and his team have done a great job building and scaling the company since then.   When I think of the Flurry story, I think of a few things.

The Founding Story – I absolutely love the founding story of Pinch Media founder Greg Yardley and his co-founder Jesse Rohland.  They saw Steve Jobs announce the new App Store, and the very next day they quit their jobs at Right Media to launch Pinch Media to directly jump into the opportunity.   Talk about conviction and seeing seeing where the world was heading…

Private to Private Mergers sometime work – My friend Alan Patricof of Greycroft has said that private to private mergers are “like me trading my cats for your dogs.”     In this case, Pinch Media and Flurry combined exceptionally well into a company that created real value.

Scale – Flurry has achieved immense scale and reach.  They see over 1.4 billion devices a month, over 5.5 billion app sessions per day, and have over 8,000 publishers monetizing with Flurry and over 170,000 developers using Flurry Analytics.

That time with Steve Jobs.  I’ve had 2 direct interactions with Mr. Jobs, and this one in 2010 was quite memorable.  I didn’t intend it to be specifically about Flurry, but it ended up that way…


Congrats to the Flurry team!


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