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2013 Mar 6

Our investment in Handshakez 0

There are several reasons we’re psyched to be investors in Handshakez – the first is the guy on the phone:


Michael Osborne is the co-founder of Handshakez, and before that was the head of sales at Bazaarvoice, one of the the first investments in the First Round portfolio and our very first company to go public.   He led the sales team there from around $1M to well over $100M in annual revenue, and he knows a few things about managing a sales team and the challenges and opportunities of how technology can help the process.

And Mike is joined by an amazing co-founder and CEO Jason Wesbecher whom we’ve gotten to know and who has a serious background at firms like Jive, eLoyalty, Siebel, TIBCO and Trilogy Systems.

Another reason is that we’re big believers in marketing automation, and outside of Salesforce and some others there haven’t been a lot of automation and tools aimed at the Sales function, specifically helping the process in between lead generation and forecasting.     Handshakez does exactly that, providing tool to help the process of buyers and sellers working together, and it really helps measure engagement.   I used it in our process of working with Handshakez on their funding round, and I can tell you it works and was even more useful than I thought it would be.

Finally, we’re joined by great investors Austin Ventures, Valhalla, Floodgate, CrunchFund and others – check out Handshakez!



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