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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Posted at 10:51 am

2013 Feb 20

Google Glass 0

“OK, Glass”    Welcome to the future, courtesy of Google.    How to try to get one.

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Posted at 9:34 am

2013 Feb 11

Nomi, real world analytics, and online/offline CRM 0

I’m really excited to announce our investment in Nomi as they announce their funding today.    Nomi helps offline retailers leverage their existing infrastructure to gather real-world, in-store customer analytics, and they integrate with existing CRM, Loyalty, and e-commerce platforms to provide better service for both online and offline customers. Most investors will say that they

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Posted at 7:05 pm

2013 Feb 7

Seesaw 0

I’m excited about our investment in Seesaw and the availability of their mobile decision making app in the iTunes Store.     We love the chance to work again with great entrepreneurs on their next ventures; Aaron, Jesse and Kyle were the guys behind the corporate social company CoTweet that was acquired by ExactTarget. Check out the

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