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2013 Jan 1

WIRED@20 0

According to Wikipedia, the first WIRED magazine issue was January 1993. I’d pick 20 years ago today, 1/1/93 as the exact date, as that’s the date of the first back page email/editorial from Nicholas Negroponte (nicholas@internet) to Louis Rosetto (   It’s hard to overestimate what a big deal this magazine was at that time  – it was the single best compilation of all the things around technology that I was interested in.   When I saw the first WIRED in a bookstore  I bought 5 copies and gave the other 4 to friends – it was that cool and important.   I attended my first TED conference around the same time, where I learned how Editor/Publisher Loius Rosetto brought a mockup of WIRED to the previous TED and got Nicholas Negroponte to agree to invest and contribute on the spot.   I’m a 20 year WIRED subscriber it’s still something I read cover to cover every month.  And in a world where magazines are waning, it’s gotten even better.  I sat down with the most recent Editor Chris Anderson last year he said they had just had their most profitable issue ever.

Here’s an excerpt of the original manfesto at the beginning of the Premiere Issue of WIRED.

The medium, or process, of our time – electric technology – is reshaping and restructuring patterns of social interdependence and every aspect of our personal life.  It is forcing us to reconsider and re-evaluate practically Everything Is Changing….  every thought, every action, and every institution formerly taken for granted.  You, your education, your government, your family, your neighborhood, and they’re changing your job, your relation “the others.”

Why Wired?    Becuase the Digital Revolutoin is whipping through our lives like a Bengali typhoon – while the mainstream media is still groping for the snooze button….

Our first instruction to our writers?  Amaze us.  

And they have for 20 years.  Here’s to 20 more, and here’s what a well dog-eared collection of every issue of WIRED looks like – so far.

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