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2013 Jan 7

Verizon beats out AT&T, both crush Amtrak Connect 0

Most days I ride the train from Trenton to NYC, and I’m always online and always trying to get the best/fastest internet connection I can.   I also sometimes notice the Broadband Hotspots that other commuters have, and one time on the same train I saw a hot spot called “Red Sox” and another one called “Red Sox Suck” – but I digress…

What I wanted to do was test out who’s got the fastest broadband wireless speeds between Verizon and AT&T on their latest/greatest 4G/LTE devices and also Amtrak Connect via their on-board WiFi.  So last Friday I brought a bunch of gadgets and used SpeedTest, and here’s what I found with a fairly extensive set of tests at multiple points between Trenton and NYC on the 7:16AM Amtrak:

Fastest Average Download – Verizon iPhone 5 at 16.54 MB/s


Fastest Average Upload – Verizon Galaxy SIII at 9.54 MB/s

Fastest Download – Verizon iPhone 5 at 26.27MB/s in North Brunswick, NJ

Fastest Upload – AT&T iPad Mini at 14.8 MB/s in Newark, NJ

Worst Internet You Can Possibly Get On A Train – Amtrak Connect was almost a complete failure, averaging .93 MB/s download and .38 MB/s upload when it worked.  This is will be no surprise to frequent Amtrak travelers, and can be boiled down to three words:  Amtrak Connect Doesn’t, or 4 letters – BYOI – Bring Your Own Internet

Conclusion – for my money and my commute, a Verizon iPhone 5 is the best internet device on the train, and not only works under the Hudson River Tunnel but seems to speed up there.

Methodology – I ran SpeedTest on every device (combination of web site and app) and tested the speed at various points from Trenton to NYC between 7:15AM and 8:15AM on Friday, January 4 2013.  I did this once before and have to give Verizon  credit for improving the speeds of their network since then.

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