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2012 Dec 21

Red Bull – Energy Drink or Media Company? 0

The answer is both, and if you somehow missed Felix Baumgartner’s fall from space that Red Bull worked on with him, you certainly don’t want to miss KLUGE below.

The higher order bit here is that marketers like Red Bull can create options for themselves – they don’t only have to buy commercials and advertisements on someone else’s media anymore.  Content and advertising are blurring together more and more, and the new social platforms allow marketers to increasingly build direct relationships with fans.   They aren’t the first advertiser to figure this out.   But they’re taking it to new levels, and according to the Wsll Street Journal, they’re planning on creating 1,000 hours of Action Sports content in 2013.   Their YouTube channel is #2 in sports behind only the NBA. with 1.3 million subscribers and a half a billion views.  Oh, and they sold 4.6 billion little blue, red and yellow cans of liquid energy in 2011.

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