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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Posted at 12:46 pm

2012 Dec 27

Gangnam Explosions 0

This behind-the-scenes shot from the First Round Capital 2012 Holiday Video should dispel a couple misconceptions.  One is that I’m not in it, but behind Josh Kopelman (aka PSY) that’s me on the left with Ryan Donnon from our Finance team being blown up.   It’s hard to tell but I’m wearing a wig with

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Posted at 2:34 pm

2012 Dec 21

Red Bull – Energy Drink or Media Company? 0

The answer is both, and if you somehow missed Felix Baumgartner’s fall from space that Red Bull worked on with him, you certainly don’t want to miss KLUGE below. The higher order bit here is that marketers like Red Bull can create options for themselves – they don’t only have to buy commercials and advertisements

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Posted at 9:00 am

2012 Dec 20

Frances Hesselbein at TEDxMidAtlantic 0

I’m proud to serve as Chairman of the Board of the Frances Hesselbein Leadership Institute.   I’m also a longtime TEDster and it’s great to see these two worlds come together.   Here’s a great way to learn about Frances and her defining leadership moment in TED format.  

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Posted at 9:09 am

2012 Dec 18

The Worlds Greatest Salesman 0

Some people think it was Zig Ziglar, and I can respect that.   But for my money, Jerry Weintraub is the best of the best, and you may never have heard of him. If you travel in Hollywood circles you know his reputation precedes him, and you know him as one of the great Producers.   Among

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