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2012 Oct 15

Startups: Apply for Mondelez Mobile Futures 0

If you’ve ever enjoyed an Oreo or Chips Ahoy or a stick of Trident gum, then you’re already a Mondelez customer.

How’d you like to work with them as a business partner for your startup?  If your company is focused on Mobile at Retail, Social TV or involved in Social/Local/Mobile, is less than 4 years old, has a working product, has raised some venture capital or been in an incubator program, then you’re eligible to apply.


Mondelez is putting their money where their mouth is, we’re excited to be part of it, and your startup can be a part of it, too.

Start-ups, if selected, will have the opportunity to collaborate with the Mobile Futures network whose members include: Viacom; AT&T AdWorks; two key convenience retailers; incubator partners Prehype and Kicklabs; angel and venture capital investors: First Round Capital, New World Ventures, Commerce Ventures, OCA Ventures, Intel Capital, BlueRun Ventures and Transmedia Capital; the Mobile Marketing Association; the Boston Consulting Group; and agency partners: Ruder Finn, Horizon Media and MediaVest.

Follow them at @Mobile_Futures and Apply To Mobile Futures today!




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