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2012 Oct 30

Leadership, New Jersey Style: Gov. Chris Christie 0

There have been very few bright spots in the terrible tragedy of Hurricane Sandy.   One of them is the relatively low loss of life, thanks to all the advance warning and all the media focus, both mainstream and social.  Here’s one more: I think we’ll look back at NJ Governor Chris Christie and his leadership during this crisis as a great example for leaders of the future.

I think he’s got a few key traits to his leadership style.

  1. He’s out there and being seen
  2. He speaks in plain english.
  3. He speaks the truth about what he knows and doesn’t know.
  4. He’s authentic – he’s not afraid to say what he thinks, even crossing political lines
  5. He assures people they’ll get through it and points to a new and better future.

Here are a few great examples

One more from Sandy here.

And an oldie but goodie from Irene.

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