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Monthly Archives: September 2012

Posted at 10:47 pm

2012 Sep 30

Targeting 101: Are your visitors human? 0

Our portfolio company Solve Media has been digging into this topic – your visitors to your website may be less human than you think.   See what Adweek and PaidContent have to say, and now for the first time, see what these robots really look like.  

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Posted at 7:30 am

2012 Sep 24

Fab’s first TV ad 0

This is great  

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Posted at 8:10 pm

2012 Sep 20

Warby Parker’s First TV Ad 0

Check it out And this is my first post from Posts on the iPad – it works.

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Posted at 2:40 pm

2012 Sep 19

The most important man in Ad Tech 0

He’s certainly one of the most important people driving the real-time bidding ecosystem.  And at least he’s probably the most important person in Ad Tech you’ve never met, or maybe never even heard of. Meet Dr. Boris Mouzykantskii, the founder and CEO and Chief Scientist of IPONWEB. Boris and IPONWEB drive a large chunk of

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