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2012 May 19

The Barnes in Philadelphia 3

This weekend the Barnes in Philadelphia opens, and it’s truly amazing.

It’s been described as the single greatest collection of impressionist art under one roof, with over 181 paintings by Renoir, more Cezanne paintings than there are are in Paris, 59 from Matisse, 46 by Picasso, more by Manet, Van Gogh’s, Degas, Gauguin and on and on.   It was like walking through my college art class in real life.

The New York Times wrote a glowing review, and I was even able to snap one of their own artists at the opening gala last night – Bill Cunningham of the famous On The Street column and a great documentary that bears his name.

And the building is beautiful – perfectly designed, with matching landscape and lighting.  The architects described it as a “gallery in a garden, and a garden in a gallery.”   It also comes with a ton of controversy, well documented here, which adds to the story and the attraction.  In the end, Philadelphia came together and took Dr. Barnes’ vision and collection to the next level – and it’s spectacular.

Prediction: you will come to Philadelphia to see the Barnes – and you’ll love it.


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