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Monthly Archives: May 2012

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2012 May 30

Why aren’t we smarter? 10

That was my question for Mary Meeker at the AllThingsD confernece today.   She gave an amazing talk that’s below – it’s a must read.  My question was that with all this internet penetration, and a generation of having the world’s information at our fingertips, why aren’t we smarter from all of it?    Her answer was

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2012 May 28

General McChrystal on Leadership 0

Great TED Talk for a Memorial Day  

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2012 May 19

The Barnes in Philadelphia 3

This weekend the Barnes in Philadelphia opens, and it’s truly amazing. It’s been described as the single greatest collection of impressionist art under one roof, with over 181 paintings by Renoir, more Cezanne paintings than there are are in Paris, 59 from Matisse, 46 by Picasso, more by Manet, Van Gogh’s, Degas, Gauguin and on

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2012 May 7

AdSummit 2012 1

One of the key things we try to do at First Round Capital is add value at scale.   Last week we held our third AdSummit in New York, which is a good example of that – in this case for our Ad-related portfolio companies (here’s the first and the second).   We had 11 companies present

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