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Monthly Archives: April 2012

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2012 Apr 25

AdSummit 2012: a few seats left 2

Are you an Awesome Advertising Agency or a Big Brand and want to see some of the best new startups that are transforming the ad tech landscape?    Then apply to get one of the few seats left for our AdSummit 2012 on May 3rd in NYC. We started with Agency Days in 2008, then AdSummit

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2012 Apr 18

Three Separate But Related Online Ad Announcements 0

Yesterday and today there were three announcements that made some news individually, but when we look back I bet this week marks the start of an industry turning point.   The online ad world could/should be he most measurable media ever, but in lots of ways it isn’t – this article by Mark Hughes of C3

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2012 Apr 13

How Many Months to 1 Million Users? 1

It costs less and less to start companies these days, but to get a feel for how much faster companies are scaling to their first million users, take a look at this chart (appropriately captured on Instagram) from a presentation I gave this week. AOL took 66 months.   eBay and Amazon started around the same

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2012 Apr 1

Warby Parker – 2011 and April 1 0

If you haven’t seen it it’s worth a look – The Warby Parker 2011 Annual Report.  Here’s how they made it: And here’s their latest endeavor:

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