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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Posted at 7:41 am

2012 Mar 19

The $8 Billion iPod 0

Excellent analysis of Copyright Math by Rob Reid

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Posted at 8:15 am

2012 Mar 13

Nest 0

Maybe you can justify the $249 cost of the Nest on energy savings, and maybe you can install it yourself – I wouldn’t try on either account.  But that’s not why I think you should see a Nest for yourself.   I just got mine and here are some initial reactions: It’s beautiful – it

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Posted at 3:23 pm

2012 Mar 12

Buy Side Startup M&A 1

My friend Alan Patricof of Greycroft has a great saying: “private to private transactions are like trading my dogs for your cats.” That’s funny and mostly true on the relative valuation side of a private to private transaction.    But I’m convinced that most startups don’t consider the advantages and opportunities of buying other startups early

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Posted at 11:50 am

2012 Mar 9

My barber has an app 0

In the future, I bet yours will too. Barber Bart is great – Bart and Eddie and the team are good guys that do a nice job and deliver a lot of nice touches, including charging stations for your mobile devices while you get a cut.   They charge a lot, but you get value –

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