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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Posted at 10:18 pm

2012 Mar 31


Very funny from Google on April Fools Day

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Posted at 4:10 pm

2012 Mar 29

NYC Sublease: 3K SF on 200 Park Ave S. at Union Square 0

First Round is getting ready to move into bigger space in our building, so we’re subletting our current space on the fifth floor.   It’s available May 1 with two years left on the lease.  200 Park Ave. South is on the corner of 17th on Union Square Park, and a great building with lobby attended

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Posted at 11:47 am

2012 Mar 26

Fab after 1 year and 1 pivot 0

Fab is a First Round portfolio companies that’s really doing well, and  CEO Jason Goldberg’s betashop blog is a must read.     Howard Morgan from FRC is point on our investment with Fab, and here’s his post on their pivot after the first week.   Below a deck that helps explain the pivot and their

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Posted at 8:39 am

2012 Mar 20

What is curation? 0

Our portfolio company Percolate helps answer the question with this video: Brands are becoming curators, and Percolate helps them – take a look at some of their clients.

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