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2012 Feb 6

Social #SuperBowl Ads 0

Yesterday was a great SuperBowl – and as always the ads were a big part of it.  In 2012 we know viewers were on Facebook and Twitter like never before, and we even know which 10 commercials drew the most comments.

But it’s surprising in this Era of Engagement, how few ads were directly promoting a conversation on Twitter or Facebook or even their own website.  Here are my slightly scientific findings of Online/Social in the Ads of SuperBowl 2012:

53% had a website or URL in them.

31% had nothing at all – no website, nothing

13% had a Twitter #hashtag or logo

9% had a Facebook page or logo

That’s it.  Otherwise you could Shazam a few ads, the classy folks at GoDaddy offered a QR code, and the subtle marketers at Teleflora gave you a Coupon Code to save 20%.   But overall way less social than I expected in the ads themselves.

My favorite commercial this year? “Confident You”

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