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2012 Jan 18

Thoughts on Stop SOPA/PIPA Day 0

1) Wow – people are paying attention to what’s going on.

2) The companies supporting SOPA are reinforcing the stereotypes about them.

3) There are no “real people” on social media defending it, at least none I’ve seen, only companies and associations and their lobbyists and the lawmakers they’ve influenced.

4) Our lawmakers have very little idea how technology and the Internet work and unintended consequences.  Frighteningly little, given how important technology is to our country.

5) Props to the team at Union Square Ventures, especially Brad Burnham for jumping on this early.  They got me to pay attention which led me to blog about it and call my elected officials about it – something I’ve never done before.

6) This idea is spreading far and wide – last week at my son’s school there were kids marching the halls with STOP SOPA signs.

7) Time Magazine was right with the 2011 person of the year – The Protester.   Imagine if this energy gets pointed at other issues and toward the voting booths.

8 ) Check out the current top stories on my favorite tech news site Techmeme – this is about as big as a story ever gets there.


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