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Monthly Archives: January 2012

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2012 Jan 17

LiveIntent is a company to watch and work for 0

I love working with our portfolio company LiveIntent – they’re a real-time ad platform for email, they’re innovating in a huge market, and they’re having fun along the way. According to MediaPost they’re one of 9 Email-Related Companies to Watch in 2012. And according to FINS Technology they’re one of 5 Tech Startups to Work

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2012 Jan 16

Maslow and FRC’s Hierarchy of Needs 4

I sometimes find myself quoting Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs when it comes to describing how a problem is viewed by customers.   But it also occurred to me that some of our portfolio companies could nicely fit into Maslow’s chart, so I took a cut at it from Food and Shelter to Self-Actualization:

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2012 Jan 13

The TED Imperatives 0

Courtesy of Seth Godin – feel free to click on his head and read his blog. Here’s today’s post.

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2012 Jan 12

Forget Ultrabooks – just get this for your iPad 1

Here’s one more to add to the Ninja Tech Travel Tips – the Zagg Logitech iPad 2 Case.   Sure there have been keyboards for your iPad, but this one works so well, holds the iPad either horizontally or vertically, and protects it nicely too – it’s the first time I’ve felt my iPad could really

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