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2011 Nov 22

Something Ventured 0

Last night in New York, First Round Capital hosted a screening of the documentary Something Ventured.   It’s the story of the first venture capitalists and the entrepreneurs and companies they backed.  I call it “The Real Life Mad Men of Venture Capital.”  A friend called it “A Love Story To Capitalism.”  An attendee of the screening last night emailed, “They should make this required viewing for Congress so they can re-acquaint themselves on how to create jobs and build a competitive country.”

Everybody should see this movie – but that’s not easy to do now outside of screenings or film festivals.   The filmmakers say it will be available for consumers sometime in 2012.   I’ve got a friend at Netflix and already emailed him saying they need to add this movie, but in the meantime find a way to see it if you can – it’s worth it.

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