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2011 Nov 16

American Censorship Day 0

Today there’s debate going on in Washington about a bill called the Protect IP Act.   Critics are concerned that lots of web sites could end up looking like this as a result:

I haven’t done a ton of personal research, but the folks at Union Square Ventures have and here’s a good representative post on the subject from Fred Wilson.

I find it interesting to see who’s against it like Bay, Yahoo, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation.   But maybe more interesting is who is for it – The National Cable and Television Association, the record and movie industry (RIAA and MPAA), Screen Actors Guild, Viacom, Ford Motor Company, the AFL-CIO and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.   More info here on Wikipedia.

No matter what, this is too important to rush into law without proper debate.    A good place to get started is at

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