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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Posted at 3:56 pm

2011 Aug 29

Thank You Steve 0

Steve Jobs announced last week that he’s resigning as CEO of Apple, and there’s been a remarkable level of reaction to the news.  This post will add my drop to the river of thoughts about Steve Jobs and what he built.   My career has spanned a lot of Steve’s products, starting back in 1984 when

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Posted at 10:31 am

2011 Aug 16

Verizon 4G MiFi doesn’t live up to the hype 0

I've been using my 4G Verizon MiFi 5410L mobile hotspot for about 8 weeks now, and because I was such a fan in the early days telling everyone to buy it, I think I need to give an update that tells the whole story, at least where I live and how I use it.    To

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Posted at 10:50 am

2011 Aug 13

Welcome, IBM. Seriously 0

Thirty years ago I was in college and workign summers for my Dad's computer leasing company.  On August 12, 1981 he walked in and showed me this full page Wall Street Journal ad that Apple had taken out on the day the IBM Personal Computer was announced.  He said it was a very big deal,

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