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2010 Jun 3

Invite Media is now part of Google 4

We're pleased and excited about the
announcement that Google has acquired our portfolio company  Invite Media.


We've had the
pleasure of working with Nat Turner and Zach Weinberg and the Invite Media team
for over three years and watching them build a great company, and in fact Nat first worked with us back in the summer of 2005 and designed the
original First Round website.


It's been exciting to watch the team grow -
from testing early ideas and pivoting to new directions, to understanding how the
online display market was evolving and where it was heading.   They've always been a true technology
company, always focused on hiring the best people and maintained a
maniacal focus on keeping their customers happy.   It's been a pleasure and an honor to be along for the ride, and to watch the industry buzz on Invite go from "who are these kids" to "they are some of the smartest guys in the business."


It was also fun to
watch "DSP" became the fastest created, adopted, and misunderstood buzzword in ad tech
history – and seeing Invite Media play a leading role in defining it.   It's also hard to believe that it was only 18
months ago that Invite Media gave the first live public demo of their Bid Manager at the
First Round Capital Agency Day.   
it's been a pleasure to work with some great co-investors including
Gil Beyda of Genacast and David Horowitz of Comcast and fellow board member David Brussin.


So now Nat and Zach
and the Invite Media team have a front row seat to the evolving online display
world at Google going forward.   For a fun
look back, here's a video we shot with the team in September 2008 as part of our holiday video.


Invite Media!

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