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Monthly Archives: June 2010

Posted at 1:58 pm

2010 Jun 4

The Art of the (email) Introduction – the video 0

I just realized they recorded my talk at the TechCrunch "GeeknRolla" conference while I was stuck under the volcanic ash in London, so here it is.   It's a 15 minute presentation plus a short Q&A based on the guest blog post I did on the subject. Many happy introductions…

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Posted at 11:57 am

2010 Jun 3

Invite Media is now part of Google 4

We're pleased and excited about the announcement that Google has acquired our portfolio company  Invite Media.   We've had the pleasure of working with Nat Turner and Zach Weinberg and the Invite Media team for over three years and watching them build a great company, and in fact Nat first worked with us back in

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