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Monthly Archives: January 2010

Posted at 1:31 pm

2010 Jan 21

Rixty connects kids and their cash with online games 0

We're pleased to announce our investment in Rixty.  You can read more here, but it's a very clever solution to a real problem.  Kids don't have credit cards, but they do have cash, and there's no easy way to get that into their favorite online games.   So with Rixty, kids can take some change out

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Posted at 7:58 am

2010 Jan 16

A Blue Hat for Haiti 0

I woke up this morning and found my son playing his favorite game Roblox, a kids virtual world and one of our portfolio companies, where one of the unique things is that the kids/users create all the worlds.  Nothing unusual in the fact that he was playing, but today my son was playing one that

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Posted at 8:32 am

2010 Jan 10


An interview I did with Fox Small Business along with @davidsrose and Owen Davis. Also testing TypePad "QuickCompose"

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