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Posted at 4:25 pm

2009 Aug 6

Announcing our investment in ROBLOX 1

We're pleased to
announce our investment in ROBLOX,
a virtual world for kids that combines elements of building, inventing, and
socializing into an exciting online community.   




The first thing that
caught our attention was the uniqueness of the worlds that the users create,
and the engagement and creativity they bring to ROBLOX.   Every experience on ROBLOX is built by the
users themselves, with individual components and simulated physics that combine
into an amazing assortment of experiences and worlds for their users.   Users can play for free, or join the
Builder's Club for more features and to take part in a vibrant virtual goods




This is also the
first investment where I've had a lot of due diligence support from my 9 year
old son, who is an avid ROBLOXIAN.  
We've really enjoyed getting to know the CEO David Baszucki (aka
and look forward to working with Altos Ventures and team ROBLOX. 

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