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Monthly Archives: February 2009

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2009 Feb 12

The World Wide Web: “vague, but exciting” 1

At the 2009 TED conference last week, Tim Berners-Lee told the audience that they found the original document he had written outlining the World Wide Web at CERN in his boss's papers after he died.  Written in the margin was "vague, but exciting."      I printed out a copy of  "Information Management: A Proposal" from

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2009 Feb 6

Upcoming Events – NYC, Philadelphia, Atlanta 0

First Round will be attending or participating at the following events in the next few weeks, so sign up if they look interesting, and we hope to see you there… Wednesday, Feb 11th at the Funding Post VC Event in New York, NY Friday, Feb 13th at the Wharton Entrepreneurial Conference in Philadelphia, PA, Wednesday,

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