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Monthly Archives: September 2008

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2008 Sep 22

Innovation and Community at 2

Think you’re in a business where it’s tough to innovate and stand out in a crowded market?   How about if you were opening up a new restaurant in a small town?  There are lessons to be learned from   They opened up recently in my home town of New Hope, PA, population 7,000 in Bucks

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2008 Sep 16

Silicon Alley’s Finest – Then and Now 2

  With Web 2.0 in New York this week, and the winds of creative destruction blowing through Wall Street, I thought it would be interesting to compare two lists of New York’s Top 100 digital execs.   The most recent is from Silicon Alley Insider and their 2007 list, and the other is the 2000 list

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Posted at 10:47 pm

2008 Sep 6

The Numerati 0

I just finished a really interesting book by Stephen Baker called The Numerati.  He gives a great overview of the way that data is dominating our online and offline lives and what marketers, governments and businesses are doing with this data and where it’s heading.  My favorite chapter was Blogger, where he describes how the

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