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Monthly Archives: July 2008

Posted at 6:44 pm

2008 Jul 28

Funding 101 – Top Ten Tips for Navigating Venture Capital 1

Recently I had the opportunity to be part of a panel at DreamIt on Venture Capital.  The audience was mostly made up of fresh entrepreneurs who hadn’t raised money before, so I came up with a Letterman-style list of Top Ten Tips based on my experience of talking to hundreds of companies each year.    Here

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Posted at 9:09 am

2008 Jul 13

It’s all about the apps 0

I waited in line for the first Newton and the first iPhone. I haven’t waited in line for the new 3G iPhone yet, but I will and in the meantime I’ve upgraded to the new 2.0 software on my iTouch. Some early thoughts: 3G is great, GPS and location based services will be huge, but

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