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2008 Jun 26

The Value of Social Networks – This Time with MyYearbook 1

Michael Arrington wrote a great TechCrunch article on the value of social networks – and uniquely tied the actual advertising spend per country and per capita to the recent valuations of some well-known social networks.  It showed the top 25 social networks based on this scale – but somehow failed to include   We admit to our bias as investors, but decided to see what the analysis would have looked like with MyYearbook using the same Comscore data for April 2008.   When we did, we found out that would have ranked number 16 on the list with 518,344 “value points”, putting it just ahead of Friendster.  We won’t bother with the implied valuations based on the Bebo sale and the recent Facebook and LinkedIn financings, but let’s just say that they also yield favorable results.


One recent data point showing the growth of MyYearbook was Hitwise listing MyYearbook as the number 3 social network in the US based on visits and number 1 in terms of time spent.  Another source of data on MyYearbook is Quantcast showing 9.3M unique users and over 1.3 billion pageviews in the last month.

Michael – you said you’d “shortly revise it with the May numbers” – it would be great to see in the new TechCrunch analysis.  

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