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Posted at 12:08 pm

2008 May 29

Pinch Media 3


I’m pleased to
announce our investment in Pinch Media. They’re initially
providing analytics for Apple iPhone and iTouch application developers, and eventually will help them promote and monetize their applications.  We knew we wanted to be involved with the
company after our first meeting with CEO Greg Yardley, and we’re big believers in the power of the iPhone platform and how it’s driving usage beyond its market share and functionality beyond the desktop.


We’re also excited
that this is our first investment along side Union Square Ventures – we have a lot of respect for them and their companies. I had the pleasure of working closely with
USV through one of their portfolio
companies – was literally in the same building, and I look forward to
working with them again on Pinch Media.


Also, I’ll be at the
Apple WWDC, and would love to connect with other interesting startups
innovating on the iPhone platform – let me know.   

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