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2008 Feb 27

Top Ten TEDTalks 0

As TED2008
is kicking off today, I thought I’d share my list of top ten TED
presentations. I’ve been attending TED
for 15 years, and did some work for the TED Conference back when the first
TEDTalks were released in June 2006, and it’s amazing to see how well they’ve been
received. Over 15 million people have
viewed over 30 million TEDTalks, with 3 million viewed in January or 100,00 per
day. So here are my top ten in no
particular order:


JJ Abrams – the
creator of LOST talks about inspiration and the role of mystery.


Larry Lessig - in
his incredible presentation style, he makes a strong argument about copyright and creativity and society.


Jeff Skoll – the
first President of eBay talks about his incredible life after eBay.


Dan Gilbert -
provides insight into happiness, both synthetic and otherwise.


Eva Vertes – this
amazing student cancer researcher shows the power of youth, dedication and
fresh perspective.


Jeff Han – one of
the best technology demos ever given.


Tony Robbins – I
didn’t think he’d click at TED but he knocked it out of the park.


Seth Godin – he’s
great as usual, and his marketing insight from this 2003 talk will remind you how far ahead of the curve he is.


Hans Rosling - one
of the first TEDTalks released, and still one of the best with world-class data presentation and


Majora Carter -
completely inspiring personal story and incredible presentation some have said
is as good as Steve Jobs.


Bonus TED Talk


Chris Anderson in
2002, as the brand new Curator of TED, introduced himself to a skeptical
audience, and articulates his passion, authenticity and vision, a key moment in
moving TED forward and to the next level.


So which TEDTalks
are on your list?


It’s also a time for
change, as this is the last TED conference in Monterey, CA, and TED2009 and
beyond will be held in Long Beach, CA.  I
had a chance to see Richard Saul Wurman
today, one of the founders of TED who hasn’t attended since he sold the
conference.   Here’s a history he wrote about the beginnings of TED – it’s come a long way since 1984.   

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