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2007 Dec 10

The Two Best LinkedIn Invitations Ever… 0

Charlie O’Donnell: 




I’m using
LinkedIn to keep in touch with my professional network.


you’re a PERSON, I’m going to take two seconds to write a mildly creative and
entertaining invitation, even though you know what this whole thing is about
and any text is probably unnecessary.


So link to
me, and then I’ll troll your network for opportunities, contacts, dates, etc…
all the while getting your permission at every step. Pretty soon, your network
will realize that I’m a far more interesting person than you are, and one by
one, they’ll probably unlink you. Then, you’ll wonder where all your friends
went and you’ll only have yourself, Reid Hoffman, Sequoia and Greylock to
blame. :)


Of course,
I’m joking…


you can’t blame the VC’s.


- Charlie


Then from Steve Jurvetson:




Linky, linky?


Hope all is well,




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