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Monthly Archives: July 2007

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2007 Jul 25

Biz Cards 2

I met the Twitter co-founders Jack Dorsey and Biz Stone today.   Their business cards show their pictures, and a Twitter bubble saying "Giving out my business card."    On the topic of interesting business cards, about 2 years ago I met Craig Newmark of craigslist, and his title is really Customer Service Rep and Founder. 

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Posted at 3:06 pm

2007 Jul 6

iPhone Nation 1

The lines outside the stores began forming a little more than a week ago, the coverage has been non-stop, and according to Technorati, this will be the 245,760th blog post on the iPhone. Given the first week sales estimates of 500-700K units, that’s nearly 1 blog post for every 2-3 iPhones sold so far –

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2007 Jul 3

Widgets – The Conference 0

WidgetCon 2007 will be held on July 11th in NYC, and looks to be a great conference.   Two of our portfolio companies are presenting, RockYou and Snapvine, and I expect to see lots of interesting people and companies there.   The Wall Street Journal had an article this week titled, "Young Surfers Spurn Banner Ads, Embrace

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