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Posted at 8:20 pm

2007 Mar 18

Widget World 1

In response to VCMike’s question, here is my take:  Widgets are a big deal, useful, fun, and I think they’re here to stay.   We’ve seen their power first hand with some of our portfolio companies including Snapvine, RockYou, and – all three company CEOs shared best practices at the recent First Round Capital CEO Summit.   

I agree with the basic concept that widget management systems are important and will develop over time.    I think we’ll see features like mutiple levels of control and customization, automatic updating across the installed base, and tracking of how widgets spread and their "parent/child" relationships – helping identify the "sneezers" in your ecosystem.   While I do expect to see these features adopted broadly and for widgets to emerge as a new advertising platform, it’s less clear if a company will emerge as the leader here offering "venture type" returns.

If you’re interested in this space, there is one company to definitely keep an eye on – BuddyLube.   They work with artists and manage their social network presence across mutiple networks, and also with widget providers to provide distribution across their artist and fan network.   They’re great guys, and definitely help move the needle with their customers on both sides.    And you’ve got to love that jingle…

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