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Monthly Archives: March 2007

Posted at 8:20 pm

2007 Mar 18

Widget World 1

In response to VCMike’s question, here is my take:  Widgets are a big deal, useful, fun, and I think they’re here to stay.   We’ve seen their power first hand with some of our portfolio companies including Snapvine, RockYou, and – all three company CEOs shared best practices at the recent First Round Capital CEO

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Posted at 12:12 pm

2007 Mar 7

TED2007 0

I’m here in Monterey, CA as TED2007  is about to kick off this morning. I’ve attended for over 15 years and it’s been an influential part of my world on a lot of levels, including first meeting Josh Kopelman through TED.   For those who don’t know much about TED, this CBS video is a

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