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2007 Jan 1

The Internet Year In Review – 1994 23


I keep a lot of old stuff from the early days of personal computing and the Internet, and recently came across a 12-year old copy of Internet World – The Best and Worst of 1994 Issue.  The very young-looking Al Gore on the cover gives you a hint that the world was a very different place back then.


There were less than 20 million people on the Internet in 1994, compared to over 1 billion today.   

Mosaic Communications Corp had just released their first Mosaic NetScape navigator and Mosaic NetSite server products in this issue, and Marc Andreessen is quoted saying they deliver bullet proof security and smooth performance over 14.4 Kbps modems.


has a great quote with a prescient nod towards his current
employer:  "Romping around
the Internet is a challenge because it’s not easy to find things. I think what will happen is that some people
will make a living out of cataloging and indexing of informal material."

There’s a book review of "Zen
and The Art of the Internet
," that was pretty positive except for the fact that it didn’t have a
chapter on the World Wide Web.

I even found a site that has the Internet World complete list of the best and worst of 1994, including predictions for 1995. 

But my favorite is from this entrepreneur who took out a full page ad offering a detailed Start-Up Manual for the ISP Industry for only $99.   That seems like a bargain if it gets you a Rolls Royce like he’s got in the picture, but maybe the fact that the ad doesn’t have an email address or web site listed should have been a warning sign.



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