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Monthly Archives: January 2007

Posted at 10:57 pm

2007 Jan 25

New York Video 2.0 Meetup 1

Thanks to EVDO and just enough battery power left in my laptop, I’m posting this from the train after attending tonight’s New York Video 2.0 Meetup.   I’ve known Scott Heiferman for a while, but this is the first actual Meetup I’ve attended, and it was a great event – a testament to the power of

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Posted at 6:21 pm

2007 Jan 1

The Internet Year In Review – 1994 23

    I keep a lot of old stuff from the early days of personal computing and the Internet, and recently came across a 12-year old copy of Internet World – The Best and Worst of 1994 Issue.  The very young-looking Al Gore on the cover gives you a hint that the world was a

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