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Monthly Archives: December 2006

Posted at 12:09 pm

2006 Dec 26

Repair Service 2.0 – Trading In/Up on eBay 6

I had a big problem on a recent Friday morning – I opened my HP Pavilion DV1000 laptop and watched the backlight flicker and go dark. The laptop still worked, but only with an external monitor attached – more than a minor inconvenience, especially since I had a trip to California planned for the next

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Posted at 3:53 pm

2006 Dec 18 – Amazon’s new front end to Mechanical Turk 0

    I was at a portfolio company board meeting last week, and the CEO told us how he was using Amazon’s new beta service It’s basically a new way to use Amazon’s Mechanical Turk Human Intelligence Task service which has been out for a while now, but they’ve made it extremely easy to

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Posted at 12:35 am

2006 Dec 8

Google Maps for Mobile: Wow 1

This week Howard forwarded a link to I downloaded the new Google Maps for Mobile from my Blackberry 8700C and had it running in about 2 minutes. It was apparent in about another 2 minutes that GMM was an amazing application like I’d never seen before, and my one word reply to his email

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Posted at 4:21 pm

2006 Dec 5

Say Something 0

So now I transition from merely consuming blogs to becoming an active participant.   I knew it was a only a matter of time, but Josh helped get the ball rolling with the first post and the name.  The name "Nothing To Say" started out as a joke and highlighted the fact that I didn’t have

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